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Carlos “Lucci” Anderson would be what one would consider the
underdog. From his excruciating circumstances to his looks, the cards just weren’t properly dealt in Lucci’s favor. The very gutter was where it all
started for him. He didn’t understand why the man that he felt he was, had been fed the very bottom of the stick. Determined to be all he can, Lucci moves through the streets of South Atlanta getting money by any means. With the name that he made for himself, Lucci becomes part of the (crew), and from there, the only way was up for him.

The only problem that Lucci encountered were the friends
that turned foes, and the fact that being 6’5 and 267 pounds had his
disadvantages when it came to the ladies.

One would think that Lucci could have any girl in the world,
but sadly it was the complete opposite. It was always someone around him that was better looking and more paid than he was. No matter what though, Justice wanted him just the way he was. Lucci couldn’t help but fumble the ball with her time and time again. Too many slip ups lands Justice in the hands of Lucci’s boss, which sends him spiraling down a path where he’s determined to break
every woman heart he encounters in the worst way.

Justice “Ju-Ju” Evans learned early on what it meant to be
responsible and the woman of the house. With her mother and father always working, she had to take care of her 4 brothers all while attending school, and taking care of all of the
household duties. Justice never minded it one bit, knowing that it would prepare her for the day she had her own family. Justice just knew that her best friend, and love of her life Lucci was going to be the one she started a family with. However, she never prepared herself for the amount of pain he would cause

Now moved on from him, Justice finds love again in a boss
named Yasir.

Yasir couldn’t help but admire the beauty that Justice was.
The moment he laid eyes on her, he knew that he was going to wife and have kids with her. Setting up a life for them was easy. Yasir did so effortlessly and loved Justice the only way he knew how. Things seemed to have been written like
a fairytale, but like they say, all good things must come to an end. Once Yasir is put into a situation that he isn’t able to get out of, he exposes himself to the world forever crushing the only woman’s he’s ever loved.

Years have passed….

Lucci is back to redeem himself. He moved into Yasir’s position, seamlessly taking over the streets and the entire operation. The only thing left for him to do was come back for the girl that had only ever loved him for the oversized thug with the even better heart. It sounded like it would be simple, but when Yasir pops back up, looking for his family, Lucci realizes he has his hands full. In Yasir’s mind, Justice belonged to him, and that was the
way the story should be written.

The day that Justice fell for a thug was when she fell for Lucci.
It was Lucci and Justice until the end…or will it be Yasir and Justice in the end.

In this full-length standalone novel, Shan takes you on an emotional journey of a young girl who learns to have her way when she recognizes the power of her worth. If you’ve ever read anything by Shan then you know that this will be another ghetto, raw, and uncut love story that will have you glued til the very last page.