Rozalyn 7(E-Book)

I Am Myss Shan

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For the last 5 years, Tamar has been running the United Nations Cartel with an iron fist. Nothing moved in the dope-game unless he said so. With the connections, power, and notoriety he had, Tamar quickly becomes the richest, most feared, and most wanted man the world has ever seen.

He controlled his operation with so much organization while forcing the biggest bosses around the world to get in line and join forces with him. Things were going so well that the government was unable to figure out a way to disassemble the United Nations Cartel and bring down the head of it all…that was until things on the home-front started to spiral out of control….

Rozalyn and Tamar forever, and ever was what it seemed like it would always be. No matter what the two had been through, they always seemed to find their way back to each other. 

Rozalyn has always been a boss chick and independent no matter how much Tamar refuted it. This time was no different. Taking the route to become a lawyer like she’s always wanted, not only put a strain on her relationship with Tamar but with their kids, as well. 

Tamarion is all grown up and is determined to garner the attention of his father. A young savage like his father once was, Marion is determined to mark his stamp in the dope game.  His selfish antics blows up in his face when he finds out his first love played him.

Khian Khi Prince is fresh out the Feds and his main goal was to run it up, and kill the person that set him up.  In true thug matrimony, his wife Cuba did him a solid and held him down his entire bid while caring for their kids. To Khi, he owed Cuba everything, but unable to resist the evil temptations of the world, he finds himself in a situation that destroys everything he built. 

Dox and Lani are enjoying their new life in Miami. With a newborn baby, new house, in a new location, things couldn’t go wrong, but they did. Finding themselves in almost the same exact situation as they did before leaving Dallas, both Dox and Lani question if the game is really for them. 

Rozalyn 7 is fast paced, and the introduction into the UNC that will have you on the edge of your seat with every turn of the page.

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Daniels
Rosalyn & Tamar

I love this series. I hate Tamar is getting his Karma now with cancer. When is book 9 coming out?