Rozalyn 8 E-Book

I Am Myss Shan

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Rozalyn and Tamar are back..

Tamar is faced with issues continuing to surround his home. With his boys growing up, they’re more than desperate to prove to their father that they are ready to enter the family business. However crucial mistakes put them in harm’s way and has Tamar scouring to find out who is responsible.

Rozalyn is finding that her new budding career as a lawyer is everything that it should be and more. Things are looking up for as a lawyer and in her home until blast from the past threatens to yet again ruin the union she has with Tamar.

Cuba is still back and forth between whether she wants to stay with Khi after the infidelity he displayed. Falling in love with Rozalyn’s security had never been in the plans. She finds herself stuck between doing what’s right and doing what feels right when her secrets are forcefully brought to the light.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Shaquana Bronson
Did it again!

I have loved these characters since the very beginning! All I gotta say is I need part 9. Wassup with Tamar? Where Neek at? Marion and Zay wildin. Wtf happen to Trina and what has Kari put in that child head? I need 9 tomorrow lol

Lavonni Hill

Love the book

But where is 9.

Oh no you can’t leave me hanging like this. I need book 9. Awesome

Tanya Cohen-Butler
Good Read!

As always, you have delivered! I can't wait for the next installment. Love the drama, but I hope Rozalyn and Tae can get it together. But how much can one take. The kids, I have no words. They are truly their parents' kids. Please don't keep us waiting long for the next one

Chiquitha Purifoy
Roz 8

Good as usual!!! I wish it was longer ready for 9