So Deep in My Feelings

I Am Myss Shan

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18- year old Cioni CiCi Lee was just your ordinary around the way girl. With a young mother for an example, Cioni was easily influenced by the neighborhood and things going on around her. Her and her best friends Ali, and Madden loved chilling on the stoop, attending house parties, and just doing the regular teenage things. Growing up in the hood with messed up parents was the one thing that brought them all together. Products of their environments, each girl is forced to figure their way through life, not every choice a good one.

Even with their circumstances, Ali, Madden, and Cioni all have a bond was always unbreakable, and nothing could and would ever come between them. Not even boys...well…

There was one boy... one who is now a man and the man in the streets—Knowledge. Cioni had always had her eyes on him, but Madden was always the bold one and had eventually scored him first. Cioni was always the one that was overlooked due to her shy girl ways and not knowing her beauty and worth. She was always in last place, but what she doesn’t know was that she was actually the hood’s gem.

Knowledge “Ledge” Armstrong; at an early age always knew that he was a king. With his brother Wisdom Wiz” Armstrong and cousin Major Armstrong by his side, the heroin game was readily theirs for the taking. With a knack for hustling and swagger out of this world, Ledge manages to move him and his family out of the hood, eventually bringing his girlfriend Madden along all off the strength of his hustle. Life is sweet, and then life has its problems especially when money is involved.

Soon, Ledge quickly realizes that the girl he picked out the crowd was the wrong one and now has his eyes set on Cioni. With Cioni refusing to break the girl code, Ledge stops at nothing to have her. It doesn’t take long before he has her so deep in her feelings, and unable to escape them. With the two of them having love, and optimism nothing could come between them, right? But when reality of their consequences are brought to the light, will it be enough to break them apart?

Ali Morris was dealt a bad hand like a lot of kids around the way. Her mother a junkie, and her father absent, Ali only knew to get it by any means necessary. Her by any means necessary lands her in a predicament that ultimately has her back against the wall. Forced to make a decision to choose her life or HIS, she definitely chooses hers. Choosing her life sent her spiraling out of control with only one thing that could save her…love. Love from Wisdom comes at just right the time, but will it be enough to keep her from going down a path of destruction.
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