She Got Love in the South

I Am Myss Shan

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Amauri is young and just trying to find her way after she seems to lose everything all at once. Her mother is supposedly murdered by a dope boy and both of her brothers leave her to fend for herself at the same time.
Her aunt and uncle takes her in, but she can't help but feel like her life is incomplete. She feels like she has no one left in the world that is until NaQuario aka Qua comes back around. She's always had a crush on him, but he's only there to show her that she still has family left. At least that's what he's trying to convince her and himself.
Qua has been around the block for a while, but when he's suddenly connected and plugged with the purest fish scale in the city of Dallas, his life seems to change in the blink of eye. The money flows in rapidly along with the hate. His enemies are now at an all time high and there's one person that's determined to bring him down.
With everything suddenly being thrown at Qua, there's only one person that seems to bring him peace and happiness and it isn't his girlfriend, Stacy. Amauri is like a breath of fresh air for Qua. She's everything he seems to be missing in his life, but she's off limits being she is the the little sister of his best friend.
Will the two be able to resist one another? And will Stacy let him go that easily or will his lifestyle be too much for young Amauri to handle, especially when Trap, a young boss comes into the picture to show her different.

Rah and Tayanna have been together for almost four years. And the love they have for one another, seems unbreakable. But when Rah comes across a secret that Tayanna has been holding, things suddenly start to change. Rah no longer thinks Tayanna is the one for him and soughts a new love in Sa'Ronnie whom gives him everything he thought he had in Tayanna. The love the two shares blinds them both--forcing them to miss the wrath of Tayanna—but what no one anticipates is what Sa’Ronnie has in store as well.

Jett likes to have his cake and eat it too. He has a beautiful girlfriend Symone at home doing everything possible to take care of her man and make him happy, but while running the streets with his boys, Jett is sure to take time out for his side-dime piece Savoya.

Savoya is the coldest cook in the game and is tired of being Jett's little secret. What happens will she's no longer willing to share Jett and forces him to choose? Will he make the right choice? Or will the secret Savoya's hiding literally take her out the game?
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