Baby & Dior: A Gang Love Story

I Am Myss Shan

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Branton “Baby” Benjamin the new leader of Atlanta’s Southside Crips had a plan to make the streets better than the ones he grew up on. With him in charge, crime was down, and everyone could focus on the money.


Baby was the supreme ruler of the streets and no one dared to test him. He was feared by many, but more than that, he was loved and respected even more. Especially by his long-time best friend and girlfriend Dior.


Baby would do anything for Dior, including give his life for hers, and vice versa. Being together since they were kids caused them to be inseparable, but new challenges arise, and their bond is put to the test.


When a war is ignited, Baby must show why he was chosen to lead the Crips while Dior is struggling with the Queen title she carries.


Already with so much on her plate, her longing to put her family first puts even more of a strain on her relationship with the love of her life, Baby. Never one to think that she and Baby would ever part, Dior immediately is shown that might not be the case when he does the unthinkable.


Now wide open and confused, Wise, an out of town hustla that moves to Atlanta looking to expand his wealth stumbles in Dior’s path and the decisions she make aren’t the wisest when it comes to him, leaving her world spiraling even further. Especially when she realizes that Baby meant every promise he ever made her—promises that could land her in a grave.


In the midst of the storm, Fendi, Dior’s baby sister is wide open and in love with a gangsta that she refuses to name. Love so intense at Fendi and her boo’s young age could be dangerous when neither of them can control the emotional roller coaster that they take each other on. Fendi so caught up in her love life doesn’t realize the harm she brings to herself and her family until it could be too late.


Hendrix “Henny” Benjamin is a pure menace and he knows it. Being he knew that he was the only person that could sway between two gangs made him feel like he was not only royalty but invincible. Henny is a lady’s man, and although it was only one woman that he was madly in love with, his ego wouldn’t let him do right no matter the cost. “Young, rich, and Turnt” was the motto he lived by, but when tragedy strikes and he realizes it’s his fault, Henny turns the world upside down trying to make it right.


In this intense tale of Gang Love, Family drama, and violence, Myss Shan will have you glued to the edge of your seat anticipating what happens next.

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