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  • Lashonda 31-50-AA FEMALE SUPPORTING-mother of The Shakur Brothers, Ahmeen, Ge’Loni, and De’Moni. Events surrounding this character, sets off events between the two families
  • Eve-19-26- LATINO-HISPANIC FEMALE-SUPPORTING- Daughter of a Cartel Boss. She is very cultured, young, sexy woman that gets what she wants. She bets caught up with Maino, even though he is in a relationship with another woman.
  • Ayesha/Blaque Chyna-19-29- AA FEMALE- Undercover Detective who sets De’Moni up, but not before she mistakenly sleeps with him and gets herself into a lot of trouble. She is an undercover cop playing as a stripper that doesn’t mind playing dirty to get what she want.
  • Chanel-19-25- AA FEMALE Supporting-Girlfriend of De’Moni. Head over heels in love with De’Moni. Willing to tolerate disrespect and being mistreated as long as she gets to keep her man.
  • Melissa-19-25- AA FEMALE Supporting-Friend of Kiani.
  • Tyese 19-25- AA FEMALE Supporting-Friend of Lyric and Poetic
  • Ahmeen Shakur-AA- (19-31) MALE-MAIN is a boss. He is very smart and develops a form of Heroin that has everyone in Atlanta coming for him, even his own family. He is cool, calm, and always collected. Very cocky and confident. He is the ONE!
  • De’Moni -19-31-AA MALE MAIN- De’Moni is the older brother of Ahmeen and Goat. He is very rude, cocky, and believe he runs the world. He eventually has to choose between himself and his family.
  • Goat-19-26-AA MALE SUPPORTING-Goat is the middle brother. He is the playa of the group. 
  • Maino  19-26-AA MALE MAIN-Maino is the oldest brother to Poetic, Lyric, Melody. He is an enforcer turned drug dealer. He prefers to get his hands dirty, but is forced to move weight per his father’s orders. He starts trouble for the family when he decides to step out of his marriage.
  • Chuck 19-26-AA MALE Supporting-Older brother of Poetic, and Lyric. Supposed to be in charge of the family’s business along with Tyree, but it just isn’t his thing. He will get his hands dirty though. 
  • Tyree 19-26-AA MALE Supporting- Older brother of Poetic, and Lyric. Supposed to be in charge of the family’s business along with Chuck, but isn’t quite good at it. He just does what he can. 
  • Noie 31-55- AA MALE SUPPORTING- Father of Maino, Poetic, Lyric. Very rich. Has long and old money. Basically, a true OG, that has retired and now running his family empire through his sons. 
  • Quavo 19-31 AA MALE SUPPORTING- Friend of Maino, Family’s security guard. He carries on a secret that leads him down a dangerous path. 
  • Tobias Kilos Shakur- 31-55-AA MALE SUPPORTING- Father of Brothers, Ahmeen, Ge’Loni, and De’Moni. After many years, his family is finally on top. He is an OG, watching his legacy through the eyes of his sons. The Shakur Boys. 
  • Herbo-19-31 AA MALE SUPPORTING-Friend of Maino, Brother of Quavo. Family’s security guard. He, like his brother, also holds on to a very dangerous secret.
  • Loop- 19-31 AA Male Supporting-ex boyfriend of Lyric 
  • TURNER-19-50-AA MALE SUPPORTING-The young ex-doctor for the hood. 

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