Addicted to a Dirty South Thug 4

I Am Myss Shan

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After Cuba and Emon are kidnapped by the brother that Emon had never knew he had, the two of them come home to try and start their lives as if everything is normal. With a secret dangling over their heads, Cuba leaves her marriage to Khi and decides that she’s better off on her own. Khi refuses to let his wife go and does everything in his power to get his wife back with him where she belongs especially when something comes up that may have Khi fighting for all the time he has left.

Tangie and Cass are back together and Tangie finds herself being a mother to a child that she never wanted to accept. After Cass brings his daughter home to live with them, Tangie finds out that Cass is still up to his same old ways and has the both of them questioning if their relationship is even meant to be.

KaeDee’s police girlfriend’s intentions are finally revealed and just when KaeDee thinks he has her out of the way, she comes back harder than ever showing him how better they were together as a team than apart.

Dae finds that it’s easier to move on and start over when it’s revealed that Amber is dating other men. No longer the one to fight fire with fire when it comes to the ones he love, Dae is ready to put in work while in his search for love.

The finale is fast and filled with drama from the very first page. Be sure to read along in full and stay tuned to see why everyone is Still Addicted to a Dirty South Thug.
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