The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta

I Am Myss Shan

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The Shakur Brothers, Ahmeen, Ge’Loni, and De’Moni have been waiting for the day their father the great Tobias Kilos Shakur to pass them the torch and the time has finally come. Always viewed as the underdog to his rival, Kilos’ world seems to be looking up when his youngest son Ahmeen develops a deadly, but popular formula of heroin that is sure to have them claiming the throne to the Atlanta streets.

Ahmeen, a true street pharmacist and hustla has the secret formula that not even he will give to his family. All he knows is that overnight, the Shakur brothers is on top of the world with their rival—the King family now at their feet like they’ve always been to them. The success doesn’t seem to get to Ahmeen’s head like it seems to do to his brother De’Moni. He remains stoic, humble, and in true boss form. Not even the plenty of women that throw themselves at him can knock him off his square that is until he meets the King’s family twin daughter Poetic and inevitably fall in love with her. Like forbidden fruit, Ahmeen is unable to resist the innocent, and beautiful Poetic King. The more everything tells him to stay away, the more he seems to want her. When death is right at his front door, and enemies at his neck for the formula he has created, will he see Poetic has someone in his corner or just another person trying to take him down?

Poetic King, daughter of the infamous Noie King, has pretty much had everything handed to her on a silver platter. Although spoiled by her family, Poetic is far from naive. With their entire family deep in the game, Poetic knew early on what it meant to have money, power, and influence. She and her twin sister Lyric have always been close, but one deadly night with their little sister Melody being left dead, Poetic feels she can’t trust anyone. Lashing out, running away is just the start of Poetic’s new identity, but once she runs into Ahmeen, one person she is forbidden to talk to, Poetic becomes someone that no one knows. Love is on the brink of her heart, and nothing will stop her from being with her new boo—or will it?

Emmanuel “Maino” King and his two younger brothers Chuck, and Tyree has always been next up under their father Noie King. With a new product on the market that is threatening to eliminate the King family from the heroin game, Maino and his brothers must do something to reclaim their throne.

Maino is rude, cocky handsome, sexy and let’s not forget paid. Originally known as the enforcer of the family, when his father comes to him to let him know that their legacy is at risk, Maino is faced with stepping into the game and becoming something he never thought he would, but quickly realizes how good he is —a dopeboy. His new status in the game, pushes him to become very personal with their plug Javier Feuntes’ daughter Eve Feuntes. What was supposed to be business, quickly because a passionate filled affair that neither of them can afford for anyone to find out. After all, Eve’s father will kill Maino and his whole family while Maino’s long time girlfriend and mother of their one year old daughters will kill him.

De’Moni Moni Shakur, the oldest Shakur brother has always been the mess up—the black sheep of the family. He’s always been determined to make his parents proud, and when his little brother Ahmeen steps in and does so before him, Moni is not too sure how to feel about it. Happy for his family’s success, Moni does his best to be to cope with his failures, but he isn’t able to get over the fact that he wasn’t the one to bring the trophy home. His reckless acts and envious feelings get him caught up in a situation to where he must choose himself or his family.

In this tale of forbidden street love, drama, and greed, The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta is sure to have you on an emotional rollercoaster.
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