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The Urban Love Book Box

Designer: I Am Myss Shan

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This 3 book Urban Love box is filled with juicy, emotional, stories that will have you all in your feels. Each copy is personally autographed by myself. 


1. The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta 

The Shakur Brothers, Ahmeen, Ge’Loni, and De’Moni have been waiting for the day their father the great Tobias Kilos Shakur to pass them the torch and the time has finally come. Always viewed as the underdog to his rival, Kilos’ world seems to be looking up when his youngest son Ahmeen develops a deadly, but popular formula of heroin that is sure to have them claiming the throne to the Atlanta streets. 

Ahmeen, a true street pharmacist and hustla has the secret formula that not even he will give to his family. All he knows is that overnight, the Shakur brothers is on top of the world with their rival—the King family now at their feet like they’ve always been to them. The success doesn’t seem to get to Ahmeen’s head like it seems to do to his brother De’Moni. He remains stoic, humble, and in true boss form. Not even the plenty of women that throw themselves at him can knock him off his square that is until he meets the King’s family twin daughter Poetic and inevitably fall in love with her. Like forbidden fruit, Ahmeen is unable to resist the innocent, and beautiful Poetic King. The more everything tells him to stay away, the more he seems to want her. When death is right at his front door, and enemies at his neck for the formula he has created, will he see Poetic has someone in his corner or just another person trying to take him down? 

Poetic King, daughter of the infamous Noie King, has pretty much had everything handed to her on a silver platter. Although spoiled by her family, Poetic is far from naive. With their entire family deep in the game, Poetic knew early on what it meant to have money, power, and influence. She and her twin sister Lyric have always been close, but one deadly night with their little sister Melody being left dead, Poetic feels she can’t trust anyone. Lashing out, running away is just the start of Poetic’s new identity, but once she runs into Ahmeen, one person she is forbidden to talk to, Poetic becomes someone that no one knows. Love is on the brink of her heart, and nothing will stop her from being with her new boo—or will it?

Emmanuel “Maino” King and his two younger brothers Chuck, and Tyree has always been next up under their father Noie King. With a new product on the market that is threatening to eliminate the King family from the heroin game, Maino and his brothers must do something to reclaim their throne. 

Maino is rude, cocky handsome, sexy and let’s not forget paid. Originally known as the enforcer of the family, when his father comes to him to let him know that their legacy is at risk, Maino is faced with stepping into the game and  becoming something he never thought he would, but quickly realizes how good he is —a dopeboy. His new status in the game, pushes him to become very personal with their plug Javier Feuntes’ daughter Eve Feuntes. What was supposed to be business, quickly because a passionate filled affair that neither of them can afford for anyone to find out. After all, Eve’s father will kill Maino and his whole family while Maino’s long time girlfriend and mother of their one year old daughters will kill him. 

De’Moni Moni Shakur, the oldest Shakur brother has always been the mess up—the black sheep of the family. He’s always been determined to make his parents proud, and when his little brother Ahmeen steps in and does so before him, Moni is not too sure how to feel about it. Happy for his family’s success, Moni does his best to be to cope with his failures, but he isn’t able to get over the fact that he wasn’t the one to bring the trophy home. His reckless acts and envious feelings get him caught up in a situation to where he must choose himself or his family. 

In this tale of forbidden street love, drama, and greed, The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta is sure to have you on an emotional rollercoaster.


2. Baby & Dior

Branton “Baby” Benjamin the new leader of Atlanta’s Southside Crips had a plan to make the streets better than the ones he grew up on. With him in charge, crime was down, and everyone could focus on the money.


Baby was the supreme ruler of the streets and no one dared to test him. He was feared by many, but more than that, he was loved and respected even more. Especially by his long-time best friend and girlfriend Dior.


Baby would do anything for Dior, including give his life for hers, and vice versa. Being together since they were kids caused them to be inseparable, but new challenges arise, and their bond is put to the test.


When a war is ignited, Baby must show why he was chosen to lead the Crips while Dior is struggling with the Queen title she carries.


Already with so much on her plate, her longing to put her family first puts even more of a strain on her relationship with the love of her life, Baby. Never one to think that she and Baby would ever part, Dior immediately is shown that might not be the case when he does the unthinkable.


Now wide open and confused, Wise, an out of town hustla that moves to Atlanta looking to expand his wealth stumbles in Dior’s path and the decisions she make aren’t the wisest when it comes to him, leaving her world spiraling even further. Especially when she realizes that Baby meant every promise he ever made her—promises that could land her in a grave.


In the midst of the storm, Fendi, Dior’s baby sister is wide open and in love with a gangsta that she refuses to name. Love so intense at Fendi and her boo’s young age could be dangerous when neither of them can control the emotional roller coaster that they take each other on. Fendi so caught up in her love life doesn’t realize the harm she brings to herself and her family until it could be too late.


Hendrix “Henny” Benjamin is a pure menace and he knows it. Being he knew that he was the only person that could sway between two gangs made him feel like he was not only royalty but invincible. Henny is a lady’s man, and although it was only one woman that he was madly in love with, his ego wouldn’t let him do right no matter the cost. “Young, rich, and Turnt” was the motto he lived by, but when tragedy strikes and he realizes it’s his fault, Henny turns the world upside down trying to make it right.


In this intense tale of Gang Love, Family drama, and violence, Myss Shan will have you glued to the edge of your seat anticipating what happens next.

3. Addicted to A Dirty South Thug 

After being so In love with a thug named Rue, Cuba Lance ends up doing 3 years in prison after he places blame on her for one tragic night that took place. Now that she's home, she's ready to move on with her life. Her cousin Tangie has a job waiting for her and gives her a place to stay. Everything is more than what she could've asked for. But when loneliness sets in, she feels like she's missing something. She vowed after her last relationship that she was done with thugs and all things hood, but when she runs into the sexy, Khi with the cocky and dirty south swag, she realizes that it's something about a bad boy that she can't get enough of. She's convinced herself that there is no need to stop what seems meant to be. But will it be another mistake and this time will she get away with her life?

Khian "Khi" Prince is just one of the Prince brothers that has the ladies going crazy. He's a certified boss with what seems to be the weight of the world on his shoulders. His job is to ensure that he and his brothers maintain their status in the streets along with caring for his 2 baby mamas and the kids he shares with them. After failing at love twice, Khi's not ready to give up on finding his queen just yet and when running into Cuba, he's for certain he has finally gotten it right. But when Cuba mends his heart to only be the cause of shattering it all over again, will Khi give up on love once and for all, or will he fight to keep the woman that he feels is everything he's been looking for?

Daelan "Dae" Prince is the ultimate bad boy with pretty boy looks and a no nonsense type of attitude. He's feared by many men and lusted after by plenty of women, which he can't get enough of. With the love of his life Amber by his side and their 5-year old son, Daelan seems to have his happily ever after but things are never what they seem. Daelan can't seem to stop messing up. After one bad decision after the other, his loved ones are always there to pick up the shattered pieces he constantly leaves behind. But what happens when Daelan makes a decision that puts he and the lives of everyone around him in danger, will his brothers be there to save him once again?

Amber has been with Daelan for five long years. Her high school sweetheart was once sweet and charming, but the streets had a way of changing and hardening a person and that's exactly what happened to Daelan at least that's what Amber believes. With all the lies, cheating, and beatings amongst other things, Amber has always stuck by Daelan's side. She was addicted to him and always forgave him no matter how hurt it left her in the end. But when Daelan does the unthinkable, will Amber be able to walk away from the only love she's ever known or will she once again forgive him?

Kaedee Prince, not only is he known in the streets along with his brothers, but also in the courtroom as one not to be messed with. With his wife Deonna by his side, they run the most sought out law firm in the city. Kaedee knew that getting his degree in law would somehow come in handy for he and his brothers, but never once did he think his wife Deonna would ever need his services.

Hit with money laundering charges from business she did with her ex, Tyrin Walker, a drug kingpin out of Florida, Deonna learns that your past doesn't always stay behind you.

When Tyrin shows up in her husband's office, Deonna finds herself in love with two men at the same time. Straddling both sides of the fence has never been good for anyone and Deonna finds that out the hard way. She's forced to pick the one to have her heart, but when that decision lands someone in a grave, are the Prince brothers ready for a war?

Welcome to the life of the Prince Brothers and feel what it's like to be Addicted to A Dirty South Thug.