Rozalyn 8 Paperback

I Am Myss Shan

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Rozalyn and Tamar are back..

Tamar is faced with issues continuing to surround his home. With his boys growing up, they’re more than desperate to prove to their father that they are ready to enter the family business. However crucial mistakes put them in harm’s way and has Tamar scouring to find out who is responsible.

Rozalyn is finding that her new budding career as a lawyer is everything that it should be and more. Things are looking up for as a lawyer and in her home until blast from the past threatens to yet again ruin the union she has with Tamar.

Cuba is still back and forth between whether she wants to stay with Khi after the infidelity he displayed. Falling in love with Rozalyn’s security had never been in the plans. She finds herself stuck between doing what’s right and doing what feels right when her secrets are forcefully brought to the light.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jasmine Thomas
Literally the best storyline ever!

I read this entire story from 1-8 in about 10 days. I was so into the story. I loved it so much. I love how she discussed each person and it flowed together so well. I have to go back and read again because I think I missed where Black's girlfriend went in one of the earlier stories. I am trying to find a fan page to see if there is anywhere that people discuss the stories. I hope and pray there will be a 9 soon!!! I felt like I could relate to all of them. I was so into the stories that I was thinking I was apart of it lol! I thought I wanted a man from there but not those men, maybe a piece of the good from each of them to make me my own. haha. Call me crazy but all of the wrong Tamar done, somehow, I am crushing on him. I wish this was made into a movie! I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication into this book. It truly shows, these are very thought through and organized.

Great series!

I read this series a while back and was happy to have another part. I have all 8 books in paperback on my shelf. Loved the rozlyn series!!