Rozalyn 6

I Am Myss Shan

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Rozalyn and Tamar are back for this final installment in the Rozalyn series. Rozalyn is now facing the hardest time of her life after taking the life of her once best friend Latoya. If that isn't enough, Tamar still isn't ready to be the man that Rozalyn needs him to be and after all they've been through, she's ready to give up. Tamar has been hit with some of the greatest news of his life. He's finally at a point where nothing or no one can stop him from staying on the top where he belongs. But what happens when Rozalyn, and the new woman in his life that he's grown to care deeply about, pulls him in two different directions. With the demands they are giving him, Tamar knows that he has to make a choice. But will it be the right choice or will it be too late? With everyone close to Tamar gone, he's forced to build a new team; Kevin, Black, and Neek are ready to put in work and get money with Tamar. But with Kayla on Kevin's back about a new drama-filled situation that arises, Kevin is finding it hard to keep focused on everything that's in front of him and is contemplating walking away for good. Neek, Starr's husband is doing everything possible to keep his wife happy. After catching Starr in a compromising position and breaking things off with her, they are now ready to patch things up and make their relationship work for the sake of their daughter. With this new opportunity in front of them, there is no way things couldn't go right. But will all Neek's efforts be too little too late? The couple you love are have brought back some familiar faces you've seen before and the drama has never been this intense. Will Tamar and Rozalyn get their happily ever after and if so, will it be with each other? Will Kayla ever get the chance to walk down the aisle? And will Starr and Neek's marriage be able to withstand everything that's thrown at them?


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