Rozalyn 5

I Am Myss Shan

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While Tamar is down, Rozalyn is forced to become the business woman she's always dreamed of... except the business she gets into she knows nothing about. Rozalyn makes a huge mistake that puts a dagger in her and Tamar's relationship that could possibly end them for good. Her lack of knowledge for the game threatens to tarnish Tamar's reputation and leaves him with deciding if this will be the end of his reign. But of course with Tamar, things are never easy. He loves the power and respect more than he loves the money and refuses to settle for anything less than being King of the Streets. One phone call from a beauty by the name of Keysha causes Tamar to revert back to a place that he'd left in his rearview--the ATL. Keysha has everything that Tamar needs to get back on top, but there is only one problem--she wants Tamar for herself and doesn't want to share him---not even with Rozalyn. Will Rozalyn give up the man she's gone through so much for or will she put up a fight? Will the two of them get their happy ending or will Keysha have Tamar all to herself? Latoya has realized the damage she's caused and desperately wants to make things right with Taron. She pays for one of the best legal teams in Miami to fight his federal case hoping he would forgive her for her part in Journey's suicide. But when Tamar lets Taron know that he needs him in the ATL, will Latoya let him leave or will she result to desperate measures to keep him around. With Erica now in prison for almost killing Jamir's brother, Justice, Passion now has Jamir right where she wants him. Things are going good until he's made aware that Erica's life is now in danger. Also, what happens once Erica exposes Passion's secret?


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