My First Love Was a Savage (Formerly titled Pistol and Pages)

I Am Myss Shan

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Cassiana “Cash” Lowes has been with her boyfriend A’Neeko “Neeko” Harley since middle school. They were inseparable and knew that their love story would go on forever. Well that was until Cash’s back was against the wall causing her to commit a crime she never thought she would commit. Forced into the penal system, Cash can now only keep up with Neeko through the pages of the letters that she sends him every week. They say that when you’re locked up, time seems to sit still while everyone in the outside is moving on without you. And that’s exactly what Neeko did... Neeko is the youngest of 3 Harley boys. Although he loves his girlfriend Cash to the death of him, the streets and time changed him, forcing him into a lifestyle that he’s sure was meant for him. The streets were never the same once the Harley boys marked their territory. Getting money hand over fist was nothing to them. Their only feat was the bad chicks and vexed ni**s that wouldn’t stop coming for them. Neeko thought that he had the love of his life and had treated any woman he encountered as temporary, until Cash came home, but when he meets Blanco, feelings unexpectedly becomes involved. Blanco forces Cash to stay far in the back of Neeko’s mind, with only the pages of her letters as remnants of her. Years later, Cash returns home only to see that Neeko has changed and moved on completely without her. Cash is now forced to catch up and move on with her life, as well. Although hurt, it doesn’t take her long to meet someone willing to love every messed up part of her. But what happens when Neeko suddenly finds himself in the same position as Cash was earlier, will she ride for him or will her new love interest Giani already have her heart?
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