A Dopegirl Needs Love Too 2

I Am Myss Shan

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They say it’s better to have loved and to have lost than to not have loved at all…

Mulani and Dox thought they were going to be the king and queen in the streets of Dallas, but what they didn’t anticipate was their love story ending abruptly due to foolish mistakes on both ends.

One year later and Lani hasn’t let anything stop her grind. Losing Dox was a hard pill to swallow, but she never let it alter her steps. Having to step up and take over Dox’s operation in his absence has garnered Lani more notoriety and has everyone trying to get a piece of her. Never in a million years did Lani think that she would be the head of a successful drug operation. She’s truly in rare form.

The only thing that isn’t rare is the downfalls that comes with the hustle. Lani is not only facing a threat from her past, but also has a problem with new enemies as well. Lani feels as if she has the streets behind her, her new secret lil boo —and with that, nothing will stop the reign she has on the streets. But with King Dox’s return home, Lani soon finds out just how quickly he comes through and shakes up her whole life again.

Dox has done another bid in the FEDs all over false charges—and being dumbly in love. Now that he’s home, Dox wants to own the game, do it right, and never make the same mistake for a third time. What he doesn’t anticipate is that not only has things has changed, but he’s forced to work side by side with his ex Lani again. While Dox is convinced that he’s over Lani, it isn’t long before he finds out that real love is hard to let go. When a secret is revealed, Dox realizes that the only throne Lani belongs on is his. He’s now more determined than ever to have his Lil Baby back—even it means he has to go through Asim, Sephora—and Lani's new love interest. With all the losses Dox has taken, the stakes are ridiculously high to prove why he's King. With his brothers Skully and Los right by his side, a win is a must for him. No one will take from him again--not his life, not his freedom, and definitely not his heart. No one is safe.

Samuel “Skully” McGuay, Dox’s older brother has had his fair share of bad luck as well. Now that he has a new life with his brothers in Dallas, things have been looking up for him. He believes money, power, and respect above all else and then plenty of women to enjoy. Skully’s current situation Rianna RiRi Taylor was in need of a saving at the time he met her making it hard for him to turn away from the mother of 3. Now that Skully feels RiRi is where she needs to be in life, he’s ready to turn back to his doggish ways having multiple women at his beck and call. Skully never really believed in love considering he’d never experienced seeing a man before him love a woman. When he finally realizes that what he he’d been needing all his life as right by his side, will it be too late for him?

Carlos “Los” McGuay, the youngest of the three is a sucka for a big butt and a slim waist which is why he ended up being in love with a stripper. Kenethia “Fire” Atkins is one of the biggest exotic dancers in Dallas always headlining and bringing in plenty of cash. Fire loves her baby daddy Los, but she loves the limelight better. Refusing to give up the life and her sometimes bad girl ways, Fire that easily pushes Los into the hands of another woman.

Los no longer interested in being Fire’s sucka especially when her ways started to affect him more ways than one. He finds sudden interest in Jayla, Lani’s new best friend. She becomes everything that he never knew he was missing. Jayla comes along and proves that history and a child means nothing when the love wasn't real. She and Los fall deeper than deep, but will Fire just standby and let her baby daddy slip away?

In this sequel of A Dopegirl Needs Love Too, love is proven to never be overrated when the heart of the streets is fighting for it.

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